Bespoke Learning Academy

Bespoke designs, develops and delivers world class training and knowledge development programmes for the contrcat maagement, procurement, supply chain and 3rd party risk management fraternity. Our aim is to bridge the skills gap in the aforementioned subject areas and at the same time provide advice and support for professional development.

Our interactive learning sessions are presented by subject matter experts and thought leaders. Our trainings cover the technical aspects of the subject matter and are facilitated by specialists with many years of practical experience behind them.

Bespoke Prestigious Events

Join us at the upcoming Procurement Category Management Symposium 2021 happening on 16 - 18 November 2021 by virtual online delivery.

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Bespoke's Learning Programmes

We offer masterclasses and workshops covering various aspect of contracting, procurement and supply chain management, as follows:

  • Analytic Methods for Procurement Masterclass
  • Category Management Masterclass
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Masterclass
  • Developing Specifications, ToRs & SoWs Masterclass
  • Effective Expediting Workshop
  • Finance Skills for Non-Financial Practitioners Masterclass
  • Foundations of Contract Law Masterclass
  • Interest Based Negotiating Masterclass
  • Strategic Sourcing Masterclass
  • Supplier Development Masterclass
  • Supplier Lifecycle Management Masterclass
  • Supply Chain Operations Masterclass
  • Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency Masterclass
  • Tender Management – Specify, Manage & Award Masterclass
  • Three Bid Committee System (Public Sector) Masterclass
  • Total Cost of Ownership Masterclass

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